Promotional Alexa lists the five most popular promotional items… Take note and start planning your marketing strategy!

  1. Ballpoint pens. It is not surprising that the promotional pins are placed at the top of our list. And the fact is that pens have the quality of passing from hand to hand so quickly that they advertise during their journey. The pens can change give three or four times before they run out of ink so that they will get maximum exposure with minimal investment.

Tip Alexa: Make sure you print your web page or phone so that anyone who has your promotional information on hand can easily contact you.

  1. Bags. In recent years, bags, especially organic ones, have become very popular, since they are beneficial for people. From bags for the supermarket to sports bags, this type of promotional item is the one that generates more excellent visibility because of its printing areas broad and it is an article that is mainly occupied abroad.
  1. Office items. One of the reasons why office items are still favorite is because of their usefulness and for their permanence with the user. This type of product remains on the desktop for at least a year, which generates a more significant impact.

Tip Alexa:  Giving away a useful promotional item will make the product stay longer in the hands of the customer, and this will translate into the higher brand recall.

  1. Mugs. Most people drink coffee or tea every day, and more in recent years that the culture of drinking coffee has become increasingly popular. The cups are still one of the pillars regarding marketing strategies, just look at the drawers in the kitchen to see how promotional cups are efficient and above all very useful.

Tip Alexa: when choosing a promotional item take into account your client and the identity of your company. Look for attractive and useful products, and do not hesitate to ask your sales executive for help to advise you on the combination of colors and printing techniques to make your brand look more and be pleasant to your customers.

  1. T-shirts, shirts or promotional T-shirts have been used for decades and are still one of the favorite products on the part of companies and customers. People use T-shirts to go to the gym, to the supermarket or for any casual situation, which guarantees that many people will see the brand.

Now that you know what the most popular promotional items are, start planning your marketing strategy and start to retain customers and reach new audiences with useful and thoughtful promotional items, your customers will thank you.