For companies, both small and large, it is essential to look for practical advertising strategies that help them to make a brand presence, retain customers and attract new prospects. Some traditional marketing methods such as radio, press or television are costly and do not guarantee that they will reach the desired audience and that accurately measuring their effectiveness is difficult, but what solution to take?

Custom promotional items and corporate gifts are one of the best ways to get a good result when you invest in advertising, as they are affordable, efficient and help build a relationship are your existing customers and attract new customers at the same time.

Most people enjoy receiving gifts of any kind, especially if they are functional.

The simplicity of this means of advertising is what makes it so attractive for small and large companies to use promotional items, but what are the products that generate the most significant impact?

There are many promotional items to choose from, in fact, there are specific products for each niche (as bottle openers for a brewer or refreshment, for example) however, there are articles that are distinguished from the rest for their usefulness, permanence in the hands of the consumer and visibility.